Aircraft Tow Hook Kits and Parts

Offering STC-approved tow hook kits for glider and banner towing!
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We now have FAA PMA.

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Designed and built to our high standards, the hook and hook body improve the release capabilities of your new Pacific Aerial tow hook when compared to Schweizer or Gasser tow hooks. We offer several different kits for a variety of aircraft models that are covered under STC SA220SO and all are eligible for a domestic or export 8130.

Whether you’re pulling a glider or a banner, your aircraft deserves the best tow hook on the market. You get that with a Pacific Aerial tow hook.

Do you hand prop your aircraft? Using a Pacific Aerial tow hook release makes hand propping a much safer experience. Attach the tie down strap to the tow hook release and the ground tie down position, start your engine, remove your chocks, climb into the cockpit, and then release the tow hook strap by pulling the handle located conveniently inside the aircraft.

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Articles approved by STC SA220SO and made under FAA PMA. For aircraft not covered by the STC, approval can be obtained for the complete tow hook and release system by following the guidelines in FAA Advisory Circular 43.13-2B, Chapter 8, titled “Glider and Banner Tow-Hitch Installations” and using the STC’s ICA. Contact Pacific Aerial Tow Hooks for additional engineering.